About Us

About Balaji Admission

Balaji Admission is a premier educational consultancy serving from last 3 years in Pune and helps aspirants getting direct admission in MBBS through NRI or management quota.

Since the inception of the firm, it has shown commitment for shapinng the career of the bright young minds. We have a very strong network with top-tier academic institutions of Pune and Maharashtra. We deals in Direct Admission in MBBS, MS, MD, MDS, Engineering, Management (BBA/MBA) and other courses as well.

Our job is not only to provide the ticket to enter the institution of repute, rather we commit a student in shaping their career.

During the interpersonal discussion, when we find the prospective candidate is lagging in few skills which will hamper his/her admission chances, then we provide the training for the same and hone their skill set so that they get readied to fight and survive, because we know ‘Survival of the fittest’ is the keyword in this fiercely battled competitive world.

Balaji Admission is a group of Direct Admission Counselors with several years of exposure and experiences in this respective field, Balaji Admission is well equipped with the right acumen have established a close networking relationship with educational institutes. Balaji Admission gives many services to the students, who want to make their career bright by go to higher education courses. At Balaji Admission we believe in understanding & assessing students personal requirements hence provide students with one-on-one session’s and guide accordingly. Keeping in view your individual prole & the professional market scenario, we guide and assist students to make the best career choice in the top most colleges of Pune and Mumbai.